Friday, 16 December 2016

2016 Movie Reflection

Today Latham and I made a movie. The movie we made was about our 2016 reflection. We took photos from the LS2 Shared Photos folder and made a collage from the year. We added our kiwisport, school trips and work photos. It was fun because we looked at the photos and it reminded us of some good times we had this year.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Labyrinth

This is my DLO about the Labyrinth. LS2 did this because David Bowie passed away earlier this year. Mrs Kirkpatrick made a follow up document. We watched the movie and filled out the follow up. In the follow up there was character introduction, Shot types and character developments. I also learnt a new word called heroine (A hero word for a woman hero)

Friday, 9 December 2016

Rockets At Tamaki College

Today LS2 stayed at Tamaki College to launch our rockets that we made last week. Today we launched our rockets. It was very fun to see how the rockets shot up into the sky and come back down. A Thank You to Mr Dunn and Mrs Ferguson for helping us launch and make our rockets. It was fun because the teachers got involved and everyone had fun with no problems. The first thing we did was make a parachute, Then we put an engine in our rocket so it would fire up. Then everyone went outside and we watched as the rockets we launching. Again A huge thanks to Mr Dunn and Mrs Ferguson for building and helping us with our rockets.

Leader Nomination Speech

Today I have presented my head boy speech in front of the year 7 and 8s. I felt super nervous but I carried on saying my speech. When I was up on stage Mr Johnston, Mrs Kirkpatrick and Mrs Anderson were watching. The other speeches were good. In my speech I talk about what I will do if I become leader and how I will be a role model to younger students. If you want to read my speech it is here.

Head boy Speech

Hi my name is Sylis and I am going for head boy for 2017. I think I am the perfect contender for head boy because I think I have got the skills and good interaction skills with kids and adults. The skills I have are helping people who need extra help, Supporting and helping friends in tough times and seeing the positive things in a day even if its going bad. I think that the skills I have will fit the position well. I show these things by helping people when they hurt them self and help prevent a bad thing from happening (E.G Help stop a fight). I want to be head boy because I want to learn new skills about being a leader and be a role model that kids look up too. I can follow the PBS CARE values to be a role model. I am trustworthy at anything, A confident speaker and good at interacting with anyone. I am a bit shy when I speak to people but I think that I will grow out of being shy and maybe that will help me in the future. I am good at talking to people and giving ideas. I am confident talking in assembly every friday and special nights like learning night. I think I am the best pick because I want to take the responsibilities of head boy and I also want to grow my leadership as I grow into a teen. I want to help others that need guidance and I want to be a role model. I am reliable, Trustworthy and I have integrity. I am not the smartest kid but I can be a good leader. If I become head boy I will try to be a good role model, Helper and most important a leader to the school. I will try my best to not to be silly. I am good at helping teachers with jobs. When people need help with work I normally help them to finish. I would like to take the responsibilities of getting my work finished and helping others to finish. I want to take what have learnt in class into the school and the world. I am good at working with anyone in the class when we do group activities and partnering up with people. I will also use our school values of CARE meaning Confidence Attitude Respect Excellence and innovation to help me be a better student of Panmure Bridge School and a good leader. I have currently completed my confidence award and close to finishing my attitude award. The qualities of a leader is helping, being a role model, encouraging others to do good, do jobs without someone asking, being responsible and being reliable.  I think that I have the qualities of being a leader.

This comes to the end of my speech I hope that I have persuaded you enough to vote me head boy of 2017. Thank you for listening to my speech.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tahuna Torea Trip

This is my DLO that I have created today. It is about our trip to Tahuna Torea. We went there to have a look around because our topic was flight and we learnt about the Bar-Tailed Godwits. We went here because this is where godwits eat and get energy to fly to Alaska. The best thing about the trip was the walk because you could see the wetlands and the view was cool when you were at the top of the hill. We went in the afternoon and had lunch there.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Building Rockets At Tamaki College

This is my collage that I have created today. I put some photos together and created this. These photos are from Tamaki College. At Tamaki we made rockets with Mr Dun. We made straw rockets and rockets that will launch. A big thanks to Tamaki College for letting and helping us make rockets.

Straw Rockets At Tamaki College

This is my DLO that I have been working on today. It shows you how to make a straw rocket. On Friday at tech LS2 all made a straw rockets and flew them. It was a lot of fun to fly and make a straw rocket. Thanks to tamaki college for helping us build and make straw rockets.

Kuaka Reading

Today for reading LS2 were working on a multi modal site about Kuaka or Godwit. We started our task today. We were put into groups and I was in the R group with Juanita, Manu, Eric, Mia, Ana, Jasmine, Paige, Tai and Zeba. We were making connections without looking up stuff on the internet. We had to think of some ways that we use transport today, 30 years ago and 100 years ago. When we did this we also had to write down what kind of problems there was when we used some transport.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Rockets At Tamaki College

 This is my DLO about rockets. On Friday LS2 stayed at tamaki college all day to make straw rockets and design a rocket to launch on Friday. I worked with Reon and Latham on this DLO. We made straw rockets and measured how far it went with and without fins. I had a lot of fun because we launched Mr Duns rocket and Mrs Ferguson's 3D printed one called the Carrot. The carrot went so high people didn't think it came down

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hundertwasser Art

This is my DLO about art. LS2 were doing art on Friday and Monday. In my DLO there is information about what we did and some examples of the finished art. Im am happy with what my art looks like. We based our art on a man named Hundertwasser.

CARE Award

This is my movie I have made to show positive attitude. In my movie there are kids who don't want to do work. This is for my CARE award. I am getting closer to finishing my second badge. I need to do more tasks but I have completed my confidence award.

CARE Award - Kate Shepard

This is my DLO that I have created for my CARE Awards. I had to research about someone who had overcome hardships in their life. I chose to do Kate Sheppard. I chose to do her because she changed New Zealand. I am now aiming to finish my attitude award so I can get the badge.

CARE Award

This is my DLO about interviewing a police officer. In this DLO I put the questions I asked in it. I did this for my confidence CARE award. Constable Cyrus came in and talked about different police jobs but I wanted to get my CARE award signed off.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Hundertwasser Art

Today LS2 were doing some Art. Our Art was inspired by a man named Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Hundertwasser was famous for using curved lines (Hardly any straight lines). We were using warm and cool colours, Shading and blending, 2D and 3D shapes, Patterns and colour mixing. First we drew the design with pencil. Then we went over it with vivid. After that we colored our drawing in. I have created a DLO about Hundertwasser at the Bottom. It shows facts about Hundertwasser.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Pigeons Opinions

This is my DLO about pigeons that I have been working on with Harry, CJ, Ana, Mere and Silivia. We had to make an opinion about pigeons. Are pigeons special or are they pests is the question that we had to make a choice. For the past two weeks we have been working on a multi modal site. This was a big reading that we have completed. I think pigeons are special because they helped deliver messages in the war. Other opinions are in this DLO. 

Panmure Bridge Athletics

Today Panmure Bridge School did there athletic. I was in a Y7 group with Nazella, AJ, Te Wai, Mia and Ma'ata. We went around the school doing activities like long jump, Basketball and fun games. Unfortunately it was canceled mid way due to bad weather but it was still fun to do in the morning. I think that the team I was in had good team spirit. We were encouraging others to do there best and to keep trying. The best thing in Athletics was the team spirit in all the activities.

Y7 Hockey Kiwisport

On Thursday the Y7 students when to kiwisport. Or kiwisport was hockey. The first thing we did was warm up so we played a game of octopus. After that we played a game of Cats and Dogs. In cat and dogs you had to get in pairs. Then you line up back to back, When someone calls out cat the cats have to run and the dogs have to try and catch them. If see says dogs they have to run and the cats try and get them. After that we played a game called shark. The aim of the game was to hit peoples balls out and be the last one in. Then we played a game hockey. The best part of the lession was playing Hockey.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Compare And Contrast

This is my Compare and Contrast that I have worked on today with Jorja. First the Y7s of LS2 made a timeline about Jean Batten. Then we could chose a famous aviator to create a timeline about. We chose Richard Pearse. After that we made a DLO comparing Richard Pearse to Jean Batten. To compare and contrast is to compare something to something or someone.

Opinion About Pigeons

This is the task that Cj, Afu, Sa Kae, Harry, Mere, Silivia, Ana and I were working on. we had to create an opinion about pigeons. Are pigeons seen as pests or are they special? In this DLO we have written an opinion about what we think about pigeons. We had to write one of our own and then we took a group picture.

Friday, 18 November 2016


This term for Kiwisport is hockey. The first time we went to hockey was on Thursday. The first thing we did was a warm up game of octopus. Then we learnt 3 games. The first was traffic light, Went the coach says red light we stop when she says orange light you move your ball side to side. When it is green you move around. The second game was a game of hockey. The coach called out a number and that amount have to run around the cones and play, If it goes out or you get a point it is game over.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Y7 Team Building

This is my Leadership DLO that I have completed today with Oh Hsen. In this DLO we talk about how every Monday Mrs Anderson worked with the Y7's to help us grow leadership. I think that this really helped me because I can now trust other people that I thought I could never trust.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


This is my DLO about dialogue that I completed today. First we had a talk about what it is. We had to include speech marks, a video, said Synonyms and people talking. I think that I did good because I added examples of things that I was talking about  

Reading Strategies

These are the Game I played Today. I was practicing to make connections answer questions and Inference. I was doing this for reading. I think that these game will help me because these are the areas that I need to work on. If you want to play these games click here.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

5 Minute Recount

It was cold, my feet at the surface of the sea. There was no hope at all, Then out of the blue I saw a helicopter. My heart raced, I tried my best to swim up. “We are coming just stay calm” Yelled a man from the, A rope then lowered and someone grabbed me, “Was I gonna be saved” I asked myself. I felt my heart drop, the sudden beat as if it was going to explode! I felt as if I was not going to survive, Then I fell asleep. I could faintly hear my father yelling, “You can’t let him go….”. I woke up in the hospital with my family near by. Grabbing a hold of my mums hand, I felt as if I was surrounded by light. I was fine, I was safe.

This is my 5 Minute recount I have done with latham. We had to alternate writing sentences so when I finish my sentence he starts his. Our story is about someone who is stuck out at sea and the helicopter helps him get up and get back to hospital.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Godwit Comic Strip

This is my Godwit Comic Strip I have made and completed today. I used Storyboard That to make this. The task was to create A comic strip showing some interesting facts. First we learnt about godwits in inquiry, Then we did some other tasks. Then we used Storyboard That to make this Comic Strip. It was a bit hard because it got deleted so I had to do everything again. This was the first time I used Storyboard that to create a comic strip. I think that I did well my first time. I will keep using this because it is a good way to make a DLO of some sort and it is fun to play around with and use. If you want to use Storyboard That here is the link:

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


This is my DLO about Hyperbole. In this DLO there are examples and images. First LS2 found out and answered questions. Once we got the questions right we started to make our DLO.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Paper Plane Maths

Today for maths we finished our paper planes task. My group made the ultimate plane called Unknown 3000. Thomas was the thrower for our group and out of all the groups our plane beat everyone else. We had three throws. Our throw was 14.13. People measured the throws after they finished. I think that this was a fun activity to do. I was working with Ana, Mere, Harry, Thomas and Silivia.

Writing Task

Today for writing we were looking at the maniakalani clusters blogs for an example of a recount. After that we took a quiz about recounts. I got 10 out of 10 on the quiz which made me happy. I thought it was easy but thats just me. If you want to take the quiz for yourself click here.

Friday, 4 November 2016


For reading, Mrs Anderson designed this Multimodal. It is just like google slides but it is laid out on a page. I think that this is a good idea to do this because it is easier than going back a few slides to find one piece of information. I prefer this better because I can find work easier than slides.

Paper Planes

This is my photo collage that I have made. We did this for maths. We were making paper planes in a group and testing our prototype planes because every group has to make the ultimate plane. When our ultimate planes are finished then the groups will see who made the plane that travels far.  

Thursday, 3 November 2016


This is my DLO about Bar-Tailed Godwits. I did this for inquiry. I have made this with Zahra, Eric and Sa Kae. It is about Godwits migration from New Zealand to Alaska. First we were put into groups and we had to find information by using the keywords in the question that we wanted to ask. We had to put it on a digital sketch note. After that we used prezi to show our information and learning.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Shakeout Movie

A huge congratulations to latham for being an awesome director and entering a movie (Shakeout) for the outlook for someday challenge. The people that helped make this movie possible is Latham, Reon, Jasmine, Daniel and myself. The movie has been shortlisted in the competition and there is now 39 films and ours is one of them.
Here is a link to watch it:

Friday, 21 October 2016

Touch Rugby

Today, LS2 went to touch rugby for kiwi sport. First we warmed up and then we learnt some drills. Then we split up boys and girls and we went off. The boys went with Mr M and the girls went to Trevor (Kiwi sport Coach) The boys played a game where you had to pass the ball and if you dropped it your out. The girls played rats and rabbits. After a while we switched.

Cyber Smart Search

This is my DLO about Cyber smart. LS2 was learning how to narrow a search. The task was to create a DLO showing other people how to get the best search when they are in google. The most important thing is that more keywords can make your search easier. I think that this will help me when I am struggling to find information in the future.

3D Sketching

Today at tech the year 7's were practicing to draw 3D shapes. Our teacher was Miss Ferguson. First we learnt what a Oblique is. Oblique is the side of something. Then we learnt about Isometric shapes. Isometric shapes are parallel to each other. After that we learnt about 1 point perspective. It is a never ending shape. When drawing this you will need a vanishing point. Lastly we learnt about tones and toned of our drawings.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Owl Narrative

Leap Of Faith

As I was glaring at the Mountain from my dirty, rugged nest I wondered what life would be like if I could fly and see the world myself. I was only a baby and I hadn’t learned to fly yet, I had to be a bit older says my mum(Mum Owl). I live high up in the tree with my mum and brother. I was feeling really sad that I could not fly but one day I would.
“Come over here baby owl now is the time you are going to fly” Squeeks Mum Owl
“Ok i'll be right there” I said with a happy tone.
I can’t believe it, I'm gonna learn to fly

At this point I was really nervous because I have never left this twig filled nest and this is like my sanctuary, My home. I looked down and saw that leaf’s that covered most of the floor and fallen branches that Mum Owl used to sit on.
“Are you ready?” Says Mum Owl in a happy tone.
“I Don’t need to fly Mum who needs to fly?” says Baby Owl in a nervous, shaky voice.
I gathered up courage to jump but I started to panic mid air and flapped my wings like I was getting taken. Boom! I hit the ground.

When I woke up it was hard to do anything so I just stayed on the twig filled floor. After I got better I was feeling disappointed in myself because I wanted to show my family that I could do fly but I couldn’t. It was just another boring day staring at the mountain from the nest.

“Get up” Shouted Mum Owl as she gestured me to come with her. I got up and ran with her to the edge of the nest.
“Now what you need to do is rotate your wings” As Mum Owl was showing me
“Like this” As I Copied.
I was ready and nothing could stop me. All the adrenaline in my body was telling me to go. I tucked myself into a ball and ran as fast as I could. I jumped. A second later I flapped my wings. I looked at the floor thinking I was gonna fall again but to my surprise I wasn’t. I will never forget the freedom I felt on that day. The wind breathing on my feathers. This was the happiest I’ve ever been.

“Thank you Mum Owl” I shouted as I was flying towards the mountain that I had been gazing at everyday. “Freedom!” I cried as I was landing. I could see my nest in the tree from the mountain. From that day forward I learnt that if things don’t go your way just get back up and try again because it might work.

Moral: Always try again if you don’t get something your first time.  

This is my Owl Narrative that I wrote yesterday. I had to pretend that I was a baby owl taking my first flight. I had fun writing this because I liked pretending that I was a fling bird.  


Yesterday I was learning about Albert Einstein. I was practicing my sensitizing skills. I had to write what I already knew about him then I read some information about him. If you want to practice click here. I think it was good practice for me because it gave me a new perspective about Albert Einstein.  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


LI: Solving Multiplication problems in everyday context.

Today for maths Oh Hsen and I were working together to solve the problems. We were practicing word problems for an up coming test. We had to find the equation in the word problem. It was fun solving the problems.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Rhythm Interactive

Today Johnny and Lucy from Rhythm Interactive came to Panmure Bridge School and taught us about drumming and rhythms. There also was a message and that message was that 'Actions are louder than words'. I liked how Johnny didn't talk to us for the show to get the message that actions speak louder than words

Friday, 14 October 2016

Water In School

This is my DLO that I have made with Daniel, CJ, Calvin and myself. This DLO is about water in schools. From now Panmure bridge school is now not allowed to bring your own drink to school. If you want a drink in school you will have to go to the tap or bring a water bottle.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Yr7 Collaborative Popplet

This term our inquiry focus was on the Bartailed Godwit but in Maori it is known as the Kuaka. The Yr7's have created a popplet together that tells informations about the appearance, habitat, Migration diet and what effects Godwit/Kuaka in different ways. We also added in some images and videos to give a clear picture of the special bird.  Did you know that they have a 8-9 day non stop flight, this adds up to one whole week and one day which is a short period of time considering they are flying long distance. We look forward to learn more about the unique birds.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Leadership Word Clouds

Today the year 7's of Panmure bridge were learning about leadership qualities. We were doing this to grow our leadership because next year we will become the leaders of our school. We will also have to help the young kids to do the things that they're supposed to do. Also the year 7 students will vote on who will be the Head leaders, Manaiakalani leaders and Sports leaders.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Care Award

This is my CARE award task I have created with Oh Hsen. This task was to create our own task. Our DLO is about decimals. I always work with Oh Hsen in math so we thought it was a good idea.


Today, LS2 were playing Quizizz for Maths. We were practicing our basic times tables. LS2 was competing against each other. It was fun because the teachers got involved. Every one got involved which made it more fun because there were more competitors to challenge. The highest rank I got to was 3rd. I think that Thomas was the best because he is good at maths and he was always coming first.

Quick Writes

This is my work I have completed today. I worked with Reon to complete this activity. I did this today because I needed to practice writing a narrative. I had to write a short story using only 6 sentences. The first sentence had to introduce the story and the character. The second sentence had to describe where the character lives. The third describes the special talent. The fourth describes the problem. The fifth describes how the character feels and the last describes how the problem was solved. We were practicing putting descriptive language into practice.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Stig At Library

On Friday, LS1 and LS2 took a bus to the pamnure library. We were there to meet Stig Wemyss, a voice artist of the Andy Griffiths books. He hooked us in with humor and he gave out prizes. He talked to us about Borrow box and how we can download it on our Ipad. I was lucky enough to win a prize. If you want to visit Stig's site click here. When Stig was funny to watch and he played a few games with people. The first game was a game called sausage. In Sausage you can only say sausage. The next was chubby bunny. It was Latham vs Afu in that game. Afu won and they both got a prize. Everyone had a fun time with Stig because he made everyone laugh. I was happy to win a prize.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Pourquoi Story

Many hundred years ago in a country across the sea, there lived a Tongan king named Tasi. Tasi  loved the tongan community and he wanted to keep it safe. When Tasi first became King he explored the land to see what he owned. What he found is what he wanted to keep forever, a lake with the most beautiful and clear water. Tasi found out that a tribe was trying to capture the palace.

Tasi ordered his strongest men (Fokisi the main one) to go and protect the lake. All the men were ready for the attack. When the attack came all the men charged at each other and were ready to kill. Tasi was staying back and waiting for the chief to get to the gates. “You will never get past me” Shouted King Tasi “Ha ha ha I will” Boomed Chief Takalua. Then Chief Takalua started to run towards King Tasi. The men that were guarding the lake were doing a good job, Boom! There was a massive crash. The palace was being destroyed.

The palace was taken over but Fokisi ran away to find the closest village to hide. Chief Takalua was now King Takalua. The new king found the lake and wanted to make it so it ran down the ocean. King Takalua had a plan and he was sure it would work.
No one knows that king Tasi was still alive hiding until he was ready to fight.

King Takalua had plans to extend the lake to the ocean so the pure water could enter the ocean and make the water clean and healthy. Fokisi ran back to the palace to spy on the new King. Fokisi learnt their plans and knew that it was going to waste the pure water.

The news got out to Tasi that one of his men was alive and Tasi went out and looked for him. A few days later Fokisi found Tasi. Fosiki told Tasi about their plans. Tasi was angry and wanted to talk to Takalua. Tasi went back to the palace “What are you doing?” Shouted Tasi. “I am sharing pure water with everyone else” Takalua says softly. “No I won’t let you” Shouts Tasi. Tasi then throws a knife takalua.

Takalua Catches the knife and throws it back at Tasi. Tasi falls to the ground and is bleeding out, “He is now dead” Shouted King Takalua. “A new king has risen!” Screamed all of the men. The pure water entered the ocean, and every village had pure water. Everyone was happy that a new king wasn’t selfish.

Moral: Share your things with everyone because if you do you will be respected.

This is my pourquoi story that I have written. I had to write about how something came from Tonga A critical friend checked my work. He used DRAFT to edit my work. My story is about a king who won't share his pure water. I think this task was a fun task to do because it was interesting to write about Tonga.

Reading Task

These are my can do's I have completed today. I did these can do's to practice my smart searching skills and my vocabulary. My favourite can do is the fantastic facts challenge. I also had to write a new can do that our class can do. I worked with Manu for this task.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Duffy Assembly

Today we had a Duffy Assembly. Our Duffy role model we had was Henry Tuipe'a from Maori television. He talked to us about how reading helped him in hard times. He also told us a funny story about him going to the library. My Duffy books I've got is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. My next book is The Phantom Bully By Jeffrey Brown.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cross Country Fun Run

Today Panmure bridge went to Dunkirk to do our cross country. The year 7 and 8s ran together. Congratulations to Daniel who came first out of the Y7. I unfortunately came last but I kept my head up. I was exhausted when I made it to the finish line but I was happy that I participated.   

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Today for maths I was working with Oh Hsen. We were learning to find place value in decimals. I had to change Decimals from word to numbers. I completed it with Oh Hsen today. I think that the maths I had to do was a bit hard because I am not really good working with decimals. After I finished I played Sumdog with Oh Hsen.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Read 20

Today LS2 were using read theory. We do this everyday for 20 minutes and LS2 call this read 20. This helps me understand the text, think about the questions that I need to answer and looking back at the text to find information that I am unsure about. You can earn points and names on this site and I think that it is a good site for me to practice my reading.   

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Magic Box Poem

I will put into the box ...
Fragrant roses that remind me of love from my grandma.
A touch of snow that I once felt on my fingers.
A gift that my family gives me, Love.

I will put into the box …
A ton of kindness and happiness to share around.
Something that I will never forget, Family and friends.
A memorably good horror movie.

I will put into the box …
What is right in front of me and that is the love of my video games.
The smiling faces that I have helped in my lifetime.
My great grandfather's medal from WW1

My box is fashioned with silk from a spider's web and ever lasting love, with Gold on the lid and Silver in the corners.

Its hinges are as dark as the night sky

I shall put the love of all my family in my box

This is my poem that I have completed today. I wrote what I would put in a magic box. I had to think of 12 things to put in my box. I also put some things that are important to me and my family. I liked this task because It reminded me of some fun memories.


These are my sketch note's that I have been doing for the past week. Our First sketch note was something that LS2 knew about which was Questions. The second one was about athletics, The third was about Rio and the last one was about Olympic medal Ceremony. We looked at examples and then we learnt that it doesn't have to be perfect, We could use bullet points, We can use symbols, Numbers and it has to be in our own words. LS2 Use sketch note because it is a more fun way of taking notes. It helps me understand because I can do it the way I want. Other people don't need to understand it, Only I do. It also helps me make a connection. It also tells me a learning story that I can understand. Sketch notes is way more fun than writing notes in your book. I can stay focused because I like art and drawing. You can also draw and write notes any way you like.