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How to reference a book using APA format.

This is how to reference a book

Wencel, Dave, (2011). UFOs. Bellwether Media, Inc. : Minneapolis.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

How to reference a webpage

This is how to reference a webpage.

Mulhern Diane, June 3 2015, Lego hotel opens in Florida, Retrieved May 4 2015, From    

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

ANZAC naritive.

History Again.

ANZAC story

By Sylis

There was a man named Jeff, he was in WW1. He was marching to his trench, suddenly there were bombs heading to Jeff. Jeff saw the Turkish people attacking. It was 2024 at Sky Island. It was raining and Jeff fell over in the sand that was now muddy sand. Jeff felt sore and hungry as he stood up. He saw his friend fall to the ground because he got shot in the chest by a sniper, Instantly Jeff ran to see if his friend was alright. Pain shot right through Jeff’s body while falling to the ground.

Jeff got shot in the leg. “Aaaaa my leg” said Jeff crying as he crawled to his friend. His friend died already. The Turkish people were pushing up to Jeff. Then Jeff recognized his brother.
“Brother help me” Jeff shouted to his brother.
“Hi Jeff i'm so sorry I shot you” said his brother, Stan.
“please help me”.
Stan was getting shot at so he picked up Jeff and ran away. When they stopped Jeff looked at his leg. He was losing too much blood.

Stan Cut a piece of his jacket off and tied it onto Jeff’s leg. Jeff felt angry because his leg was bleeding. Stan was in A lot of pain as well because the ammunition he was carrying was heavy. They were hiding at nearby forest. “Goodbye Brother”Jeff said then he pretended to die because Stan shot him by accident in the war. Stan was angry at himself and went back to fight for the the ANZAC’s. When it was over no one won so Stan went to where Jeff died.

Jeff was hiding behind the tree when Stan came. Stan looked back and Jeff was limping to where the war was and snuck into the trenches where he was waiting for the ship to come and get him. Stan looked at him and said “Goodbye” “I will come back for you” said Jeff. It was 2029 when Jeff went back. When Jeff went to Turkey to visit Stan, Stan died from Cancer. Their family was sad and they were all affected from the war. Jeff was gassed just after the war and died at the age of 36.