Monday, 28 July 2014


In room 7 we have been learning about multiplication

My Wonderful Day

My Wonderful Day.

On the last day of the holidays It was my birthday. When I woke up that morning I felt like a tired dog but I knew I needed to wake up. I woke up Daniel and we got changed and we went to play outside. When we went outside it was cold but we didn't care so we played soccer practice for the whole afternoon. After we practice we had a real game when Daniel kicked the ball to me I kicked it back and it hit his face he was sad but I said sorry and we went inside for a drink of water. Just then my mum said she was making lunch so we went to the lounge to watch t.v. Then I heard a knock on the door it was my family with the pizza. When I saw the pizza I was so happy I got half of the pizza and sat in the lounge. Then my cousin came over. He missed out on pizza. “Lets have cake now”said my mum we all shouted “yes!.” Then my family sang happy birthday to me. I sang it to my self and then I made a wish and blow out the candle. I cut the cake and I got the first piece. I went outside to eat my cake and then everyone else came outside to eat cake with me. It tasted better than my mums  cake. It was made by my aunty. After we ate our cake we went to play basketball. It was Daniel vs me. I tried to get the ball in the hoop but I couldn't So I went inside to have more cake but it was all gone. By then it was 4.30 and everyone was going home and sleeping so I went to sleep as well. It was a fun day for me.

Friday, 4 July 2014

My Art Reflection

The last 2 week room 7 did a panting called landscape. We were inspired by a painter called Ton Schulten. We mostly did color mixing. The colours I used is blue, yellow, red, black and white. I needed to mix the colours to get my colour that I need. I needed brown, blue, white and grey and I made different shades of the colours. How to make brown is blue, yellow and red. How to make grey is black and white.


Term 2 Reflection.

This past 9 weeks we have been doing lots of hard work.

For writing we have been doing how to elaboate and taking some risks with some hard word we don't no. Elaborate means to add detail. What I like about elaborating is you have a piece of writing and you go back to make your writing better. We use the riskometer to see who is the best at taking a risk. The thing I like about the riskometer is you can see if you are not scared to take a risk.

In reading I like to read eBooks and find information in books. What I like about eBooks is it is a different way to read books and it is online. I also like to read books to find information that I need to get my work done.

In art we have been doing color mixing and landscapes. I like the color mixing because you mix the colors together to make a different color. The thing I like about landscapes is you have to make a different shades of the colors.

This term was a great term. I know next term I will learn more. Thank you Mrs miller for teaching us and helping us learn.


Kiwi Kids News

This is my score on kiwi kid news super quiz. I got 100% out 100. I feel happy because I got the best score.  I will try to get this score next time.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Super Kiwi Kids News

This week I did a super quiz from kiwi kids news. I feel a little bit bad because I know I can do better. next term I will try and get all of them right.