Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why Is It So Important To Keep Oral Storytelling Alive

It is important that we remember to pass down the storytelling of Maori people and keeping it alive because it can keep the Maori language alive.

For this task we had to watch a video about Maori oral storytelling. We watched three videos talking about oral storytelling. We had to work collaboratively with our partners. We had to answer the question Why is it important to keep oral storytelling alive. The hard thing about this was that the videos were in Te Reo so we had to read the subtitles.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Exploring Myths and Legends

For this task, Mataio and I had to retell a part of the myth, how Maui slowed the sun. We used Storyboard That to create this comic strip. Mataio and I chose the scene when Maui captured the sun. We did this because we are learning about myths and legends. We were practicing to show not tell using dialogue. One thing I that was hard about creating this storyboard was that I wasn't to familiar with the site so we had to get used to it.


For maths I played a warm up game. In this warm up game you had to order fractions from lowest to highest. I think that this is a good warm up because it is not hard but it gets your brain thinking.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this task I had to form an opinion about predators and if killing them is good. I think that killing them off is a good thing because possums carry a disease called bovine Tb, There skin can be used to make clothes and much more. I also think that they should be killed because they feast on endangered birds eggs. They are also destroying our native wildlife. They are also costing farmers $35 million dollars for the damage done by possums

Winter Learning Journey

For this task I am adopting a native pet. I am going to adopt a Tuatara. A Turatara is a lizard creature that is native to New Zealand. I chose this because the Tuatara caught my eye. The Tuatara is a carnivore so they eat things like insects, beetles, spiders and much more. Tuatara's mainly live on offshore islands. Facts I fond out about the Tuatara is that is has survived for up to 200 million years and the Tuatara can live up to 100 years.

Winter Learning Journey

For the task that I chose, I had to watch a clip about Laura Dekker. Laura Dekker sailed around the world at the age of fourteen. I had to write down 5 questions that I would want to ask her if I got the chance to interview her.

My questions are:
Was there a time when you wanted to turn around and go back home?
What made you want to travel the world?
How do you feel that you have achieved sailing around the world?
What did you dislike about your adventure?
What did you like about your adventure?

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this task I had to design A flag for New Zealand. I used flag designer to create my flag. I took out the union jack because we are no longer part of the British empire. I also added a star to represent the southern cross. I also added some blue to say that we are an Island. I also added white to say that we explorers and bold.

Winter Learning Journey

For the second task of the Winter Learning Journey I had to watch a video and list 5 things that people can do and see in New Zealand. They are: Explore the coast lines of beaches, Walk along Mission Bay, Drive to the native rain forest of the Waitakere Ranges, Head to the Auckland Domain and watch people play cricket and explore the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Winter Learning Journey

Winter Learning Journey

For the first task I had to look at the New Zealand People website and find three interesting facts. The facts that I found interesting was over 400 years before Christopher Columbus, the rest of Europe was worried about falling of the edge of the world. The second interesting fact that I found was New Zealander AJ Hackett created the bungy jump. The last interesting fact I found was Rugby Football is the most spectated sport in New Zealand.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Ball Donations

Today the school got given some sports equipment. We got a bag of new soccer balls and 50 netball balls. I think that the donation was kind because we needed more soccer balls and netball for our teams that play sport. Thank You for donating the soccer balls and netball balls.  

Thursday, 6 July 2017


Yesterday, Miss Apelu who was a visiting teacher from Tamaki college came into LS2. After Mrs Anderson read a short text, we had to write down all of the words we were important. Then, we had to pick out 20 words we found important from the words we wrote down. After that we picked the 6 most important words from the 20 words and used them to write a short summary. I was in a group with Tiava, Mataio and Oh Hsen.