Friday, 29 August 2014

Theme Park.

On Wednesday We made our own theme park. First we worked on the front cover and then we made up the costs for the rides and food. I really needed to think because I don't know what the prices are. Then we came up with a map and drew it. After you needed to make the back interesting for the people to look at. It was really fun making this I enjoyed making this. I felt cool that I completed it.  

Kiwi Kids Quiz

This week on kiwi kids news I got 100%. I learnt that the Maori king is in hospital because he has diabetes.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Friday, 22 August 2014


Merrin, our netball coach, taught us about lots of netball skills like defending and attaching. The first time room 7 went we played gladiators. You have to try get past the gladiators and when you get to the end the next person trys to get to the end then we swap over. Our last session we played a game of netball It was tough to get a goal but the white team managed to get a goal and win. My favorite out of all the sessions was when we played a game of netball I was In the black team and we lost all our games but we had alot of fun.  


Kiwi Kids News

Today On kiwi kids news I got 100% on the quiz. I learnt that the English premier league started. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Auckland Museum

Museum trip

On Monday room 7 went to the Museum to learn about migration and why people move to one place to another. They might have to move to another country because there is a war or better opportunity's for educations  

After that we went to learn Polynesians and the other nesians I learnt that we came from east Asia and Polynesians are a mix of black and white people.

Then we had to drill a hole in a piece of wood to practice building a waka then we had a drilling contest and group 2 won all of the contests.

Then It was lunch and after lunch we got to go were ever we want around the Museum.

 We went to the volcano room first. I liked how the room shaked. Then we went back in time to Auckland in 1866. I saw Old bars and rooms back in the day. I walked into the pole when I was Walking to the bar. My favorite out of all is the volcano room.


Friday, 15 August 2014

push and pull migrations

If I could leave the country I would got to the go to Australia because my dad is at the gold coast and I haven't seen him in long. It is also more fun because there is more theme parks like Dreamworld, Sea world and wet,n,wild. If I go I will meet new friends and learn how thing go in Australia.

Being Honest

This is my kiwi can voice thread. This is our rap about being Honest.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Jason The Killer Prank

Jason the killer

It was a scary night and all my friends were at my house to sleep, and in the lounge it was cold. We were sleeping on the couch. Then we woke up. “It is scary at your house” said Latham. “I want to go home” said Cyrus. “It is ok you need to stay calm” I said just then we heard scary music. “Tiptoe through your window” the music said. Footsteps began to walk down the stairs then we saw a big black shadow that had a knife in its hand. “Is that a fake knife” I said “Ok Ok you got me I am sylis’ dad”. “I knew it was you dad I am going to tell on mum” I said. “Sorry please don’t tell mum” said dad. “Ok but you need to get up early and make us breakfast” I said. Dad said “ok ok anything”. The next morning my dad made pancakes for us. It was delicious. “Can I stay over again please” everyone said. “Ok but you need to watch out for my dad again”. “
Hahahaha” I said in a scary voice. Jokes.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Kiwi Kids News

this is my kiwi kids news. I learnt that bill English is going for national.  

Monday, 4 August 2014

Duffy Theater.

Today Duffy theater came to our school to talk to us and do a play. They came to talk to us about don't stop reading. The people were Duffy, Uncle Bingo and Rosie. It was about Uncle Bingo he didn't like to read but Duffy and Rosie helped Uncle Bingo to read every day. Duffy was wearing a Tee-shirt that had a D on it and he had a cape with all his books on it. Uncle Bingo was wearing a blue tee shirt. Rosie was wearing a skirt. My Favorite part was when Uncle Bingo Broke his leg and was playing the DJ with the books.