Friday, 29 May 2015

Africa Photos

PhotoToday Mrs J.Taylor came to room 9 to show us some photo's from her Africa trip. We saw Hippo's, Jaguars, Hyena's and Warthogs. I learnt that vaulters have no feathers on there head because the blood from other animals. On one photo the head of a giraffe was gone from the body. In Africa there are sausage trees. If the fruit falls of the tree and hit you it can kill you. We also saw Birds.   PhotoPhoto

Thursday, 28 May 2015

How to reference a website.

This is how you reference a webpage. 

Bray Nancy, May 28 2015, Orion Windows undergoing Inspection At Kennedy space center, retrieved May 28, 2015, from

Friday, 22 May 2015

WW1 propaganda

World War I Propaganda Medallion

What does propaganda mean?  Find 3 definitions from 3 different sources.
Wikipedia  Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of a population.

Dictionary information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely.

Military site Australian propaganda was designed to maintain public anger about German atrocities and idealise Australian soldiers.

Underneath write a definition in your own words.
Wiki: Propaganda is some kind of communication to calm down a country.  
Dictionary: Some false or true information spreading around a country
Military site: To make Australia maintain their anger.
What was on the medallion?
The Lusitania getting sunk by a German submarine.   
A skeleton that stands for impending death.
What was the message that it was meant to convey?
To the German people? To warn the British.  
To the British people? That people died and lost lots of weapons
Find an example of propaganda from WW2 and paste it underneath.
Image result for ww2 propaganda
What was the message it was meant to convey?
That people died and lost lots of weapons.
Why do you think propaganda works?

To see what the country wants.

In this activity we had to find out information about propaganda. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


For maths last week we made a battleship map. It was hard to make it but I did it. First we found a map to use so we could make a map. We had to make a 10 by 10 grid. How i did it fast is a made one line then grouped it. After that I copied and pasted then grouped the new line to the last line. I did that till it was finished. Then I added numbers and letters. This is my map when it was finished I just need to add the boats. I learnt how to read quotients.   

Friday, 8 May 2015

Zoo Trip

The Zoo

Yesterday years 1-6 went to the Zoo. when we got to the Zoo the Instructor told us all the rules before we could go and explore. First we seen the Sumerian tigers And across from that was the Aussie walkway where the Kangaroo, Emu and peacock were. The Emu was so scary because he tried to eat someone's booklet. Next we went to see all the things that live in the rain forest there were lots birds. After we saw the Elephant, Orangutan and kea. The Elephant’s back was covered in mud and the kea was beautiful. The kea’s colours is what caught my eye. My favourite thing to see at the Zoo was the Orangutan because he was hanging from the play web and looking at me. After that we learnt some facts about the Hippo, Elephant, Rhino and giraffe. A Hippo can stay underwater for 5 minutes.The Elephant flaps its ears to cool down. A Rhino’s horn is made of hair. A giraffe’s tongue is blue so it doesn't get sunburn and its tongue is very long.         

Wednesday, 6 May 2015