Friday, 29 July 2016


Today I went to tech at Tamaki College. I went to pewter casting with Mr Grundy. Half of the Y8's are doing cooking and the other half is making a game on scratch. I am up to sanding my design. I need a few more steps to do then i'm finished. My design is a shark tooth.  

Buddy Reading

Today for book week LS2 was working with Rm 3 and 4 on there reading. I picked a buddy from RM 3 to come and read with me. I read Hairy maclary, Franklin and Hulk. After the books we read I asked what there favourite character was, What was your favourite part and What is your favorite picture. 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book Week Parade

This week Panmure bridge we had a book week and today we had to dress up as our favorite book character. We did this for the juniors to bring the magic of reading to life We had an assembly and everyone who had a costume had to go on stage with there class so everyone could see. The costume I thought was the best was Latham's one. Latham was Alex rider from storm breaker.      

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Advertising DLO

This is the work that Reon Shannon and I have done today. We had to explain what we think is advertising is in 25 words. This is our DLO about advertising.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Attributing Images

Today I was attributing my photos. Attributing your photos is like saying thank you to the person that took that photo. We did this to practice our attributing skills. People do this because some images are not labeled for reuse.

Friday, 8 July 2016


Yesterday afternoon, Lynne from Spark came to Panmure bridge school and talked about leadership. She also came and talked about the Sir Peter Blake trust. First she gave us a paper and on that paper we had to write who is a leader to us. After that Lynne gave us another paper and we wrote what we want to be. Next she gave us a bag, cap, pen, bottle and notebook. Thank you Spark for giving us everything.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Blog commenting

These are my blog comments I have done today. I commented on some ruapotaka school students. I gave some of them feed back on how they can make there blog posts better.


At orienteering today our class was practicing our skills with Leon and Elaine. We were learning to read a map and reading the clues. I worked with Calvin and we went around the school looking for controls to stamp our clip card. I found the activity easy because I could read the map properly but I got tired fast. 

Story Starters

Lost in the amazon

“Ooo” Said the orangutan. He saw that big horrifying giant that is doing something. After he sees the big giant something hits him in the head and he fell unconscious. The orangutan woke up in the forest. A forest where water surrounds him. It was the amazon that he wanted to visit but there was one problem. It was getting dark and he didn't know what to do but he had one choice, he was going to survive by himself. He needed to build a simple shelter and he needed food so he could stay awake overnight. He remembered how to get food but the shelter was the hard part. He thought to himself how am I going to build with a bright light. Someone comes and captures the orangutan. It was the thing that hit him earlier. He doesn't know where he is going but he knows it's bad news.

Don’t Talk To Strangers!  

Today for writing, Mrs Anderson picked a topic on story starters for the year 7's to write about. I was partners with Calvin and we wrote a sentence each. Our topic was write a myth about an orangutan lost in the amazon. We also had to make a moral to the story we wrote.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Get Wise

Today Jeremy from ASB came in and talked to us about money and how to manage it. First Jeremy started talking about how he grew up and how it was hard for his family. He then told us some stories. After he told us how kids our age can earn money. After that we had a talk about how you can save. It was a good lession for me because I learnt more than one thing.

Life Education

Today for life education the Y7s learnt about making the right decisions. We watched a video about a girl who had to make a choice. It was a bad choice and that led to another bad decision. We did not finish the video today. 

Reading Games

Today I was practicing how to identify the authors purpose in a text. I learnt how to tell the difference between Persuade, Entertain and Inform also known as P.I.E. If you want to practice your reading here is a link.  Reading Games. This site has more comprehension strategies if you want to practice some more. This site helped me by letting me know about what the authors purpose and how I can identify it.   

Monday, 4 July 2016

Life Education

Today the year 7's went to the life education caravan and learnt about some of the body systems. We learnt about our circulatory system and our nervous system. We learnt that the brain sends signal to our body parts. Our circulatory system has two type of vain's, One of them circulate dirty blood and the other circulates clean blood.        

Story Starters

This is my story I have created today about a sneaky gorilla who explores a newly discovered planet. I had to make it a horror story. I went to a site called Story Starters It created a topic for me so I could write about it. Story starters generate Ideas to start off your story.