Monday, 16 March 2015

All about me

                                                               I did it to tell people about our self.
I wrote a re craft so people can know my details.
I learnt how to write a re craft

All about me

My name is Sylis and I go to Panmure bridge school. I have long hair and and I am Tongan. I will talk about the most important things in my life. My Family, My Country and School.

My family are the most important people to me. In my family I have Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister. My uncle lives with me too. At home Once a week we have pizza for dinner. I play on my phone all the time and my little brother and sister beat me up for it.
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I love my country because there is lots of family I have not met. I want to go to tonga because I want to meet my family and stay there so I can learn more tongan. I love tonga because it is very hot and I like hot places, but there are a lot of Flies and Moths.  
I like school because it helps me learn new things and make new friends. My favourite subject is reading because I am good at reading. I come to school to learn because if we don't learn we will know nothing but I want to know as much as possible.
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I love my Family, My country and school because my family provide me with food and help me when I need help. I love my country because it is very hot. I also love my cat, Oscar.


Friday, 6 March 2015

R9 Graph

About Room 9

LI: WALT read information on a graph.

Screenshot 2015-03-05 at 9.10.01 AM.png

About this graph.

What does this graph show?  What is R9’s favorite pop star.

What is one interesting piece of information you can read from this graph? Meghan Trainor is the most liked pop star in R9.

Yesterday I made a graph. We did it to see how is the most loved pop star. I learnt that Megan trainor is the most loved pop star in R9. First we made a quiz and R9 answered the questions. After that I made a graph to see who is the most loved pop star. The most liked pop star was megan tranior.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My book in the library

Today in the library I choose I fiction book.I choose this because the blurb sounded good to read.