Friday, 16 December 2016

2016 Movie Reflection

Today Latham and I made a movie. The movie we made was about our 2016 reflection. We took photos from the LS2 Shared Photos folder and made a collage from the year. We added our kiwisport, school trips and work photos. It was fun because we looked at the photos and it reminded us of some good times we had this year.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Labyrinth

This is my DLO about the Labyrinth. LS2 did this because David Bowie passed away earlier this year. Mrs Kirkpatrick made a follow up document. We watched the movie and filled out the follow up. In the follow up there was character introduction, Shot types and character developments. I also learnt a new word called heroine (A hero word for a woman hero)

Friday, 9 December 2016

Rockets At Tamaki College

Today LS2 stayed at Tamaki College to launch our rockets that we made last week. Today we launched our rockets. It was very fun to see how the rockets shot up into the sky and come back down. A Thank You to Mr Dunn and Mrs Ferguson for helping us launch and make our rockets. It was fun because the teachers got involved and everyone had fun with no problems. The first thing we did was make a parachute, Then we put an engine in our rocket so it would fire up. Then everyone went outside and we watched as the rockets we launching. Again A huge thanks to Mr Dunn and Mrs Ferguson for building and helping us with our rockets.

Leader Nomination Speech

Today I have presented my head boy speech in front of the year 7 and 8s. I felt super nervous but I carried on saying my speech. When I was up on stage Mr Johnston, Mrs Kirkpatrick and Mrs Anderson were watching. The other speeches were good. In my speech I talk about what I will do if I become leader and how I will be a role model to younger students. If you want to read my speech it is here.

Head boy Speech

Hi my name is Sylis and I am going for head boy for 2017. I think I am the perfect contender for head boy because I think I have got the skills and good interaction skills with kids and adults. The skills I have are helping people who need extra help, Supporting and helping friends in tough times and seeing the positive things in a day even if its going bad. I think that the skills I have will fit the position well. I show these things by helping people when they hurt them self and help prevent a bad thing from happening (E.G Help stop a fight). I want to be head boy because I want to learn new skills about being a leader and be a role model that kids look up too. I can follow the PBS CARE values to be a role model. I am trustworthy at anything, A confident speaker and good at interacting with anyone. I am a bit shy when I speak to people but I think that I will grow out of being shy and maybe that will help me in the future. I am good at talking to people and giving ideas. I am confident talking in assembly every friday and special nights like learning night. I think I am the best pick because I want to take the responsibilities of head boy and I also want to grow my leadership as I grow into a teen. I want to help others that need guidance and I want to be a role model. I am reliable, Trustworthy and I have integrity. I am not the smartest kid but I can be a good leader. If I become head boy I will try to be a good role model, Helper and most important a leader to the school. I will try my best to not to be silly. I am good at helping teachers with jobs. When people need help with work I normally help them to finish. I would like to take the responsibilities of getting my work finished and helping others to finish. I want to take what have learnt in class into the school and the world. I am good at working with anyone in the class when we do group activities and partnering up with people. I will also use our school values of CARE meaning Confidence Attitude Respect Excellence and innovation to help me be a better student of Panmure Bridge School and a good leader. I have currently completed my confidence award and close to finishing my attitude award. The qualities of a leader is helping, being a role model, encouraging others to do good, do jobs without someone asking, being responsible and being reliable.  I think that I have the qualities of being a leader.

This comes to the end of my speech I hope that I have persuaded you enough to vote me head boy of 2017. Thank you for listening to my speech.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tahuna Torea Trip

This is my DLO that I have created today. It is about our trip to Tahuna Torea. We went there to have a look around because our topic was flight and we learnt about the Bar-Tailed Godwits. We went here because this is where godwits eat and get energy to fly to Alaska. The best thing about the trip was the walk because you could see the wetlands and the view was cool when you were at the top of the hill. We went in the afternoon and had lunch there.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Building Rockets At Tamaki College

This is my collage that I have created today. I put some photos together and created this. These photos are from Tamaki College. At Tamaki we made rockets with Mr Dun. We made straw rockets and rockets that will launch. A big thanks to Tamaki College for letting and helping us make rockets.

Straw Rockets At Tamaki College

This is my DLO that I have been working on today. It shows you how to make a straw rocket. On Friday at tech LS2 all made a straw rockets and flew them. It was a lot of fun to fly and make a straw rocket. Thanks to tamaki college for helping us build and make straw rockets.

Kuaka Reading

Today for reading LS2 were working on a multi modal site about Kuaka or Godwit. We started our task today. We were put into groups and I was in the R group with Juanita, Manu, Eric, Mia, Ana, Jasmine, Paige, Tai and Zeba. We were making connections without looking up stuff on the internet. We had to think of some ways that we use transport today, 30 years ago and 100 years ago. When we did this we also had to write down what kind of problems there was when we used some transport.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Rockets At Tamaki College

 This is my DLO about rockets. On Friday LS2 stayed at tamaki college all day to make straw rockets and design a rocket to launch on Friday. I worked with Reon and Latham on this DLO. We made straw rockets and measured how far it went with and without fins. I had a lot of fun because we launched Mr Duns rocket and Mrs Ferguson's 3D printed one called the Carrot. The carrot went so high people didn't think it came down