Monday, 4 December 2017

Tamaki College Tech - P.E

On Friday the year 7 and 8s went to tech. We did our normal rotation for the morning. We then split into groups. One group went to Robotics, Another group went to Social Science and another group went to P.E. I was in the P.E group. Our teacher was Mr Moyes and he told us that our focus was on teamwork. We then played a warmup game of infinity tag. After we were warmed up we played benchball. The aim of this game was to chose two catches. If the catcher catches your ball you join the catchers. When your whole team was on the platform your team wins. Mr Moyes added one interesting rule. If you got the yellow ball in the hoop your team won automatically. The other team won because they got the ball in from half court. We then played a game of Samoan Softball where you hit the ball with your hand and run to the wall. It was really fun at P.E because I like running around. This was our last session for the year. Looking back this year for tech was a fun year with cooking and making clocks. Thank you Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Heka and Mr Grundy for teaching and doing fun things with us.

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